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How does BetterLix work?


Customize BetterLix to your specific health needs


Receive a personalized daily liver health plan powered by our unique smart algorithm


Follow your daily plan using the BetterLix schedule and score liver health points


Track your daily success in three categories: diet, exercise, and environment


Receive personalized feedback from your digital liver health coach and identify areas for improvement

1 in 3 Americans is affected by a Liver Condition

Almost 1 in 3 Americans is affected by liver conditions. In many cases, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle resulting in diabetes and metabolic syndrome, are the major risk factors for developing liver conditions such as fatty liver disease.

Our purpose is to provide with the best possible guidance on liver health and help you make liver-healthier choices one day at a time – all via our unique, smart algorithm tailored to your specific health needs.

We know, how challenging it can be to navigate through the complex topic of liver health when you or somebody you love have been diagnosed with liver disease. We know you must have a lot of questions right now. While there is plenty of apps and tools that give you detailed information on your state of health, they úsually don´t provide you with a solution or an action plan leaving you wondering, so what now?

BetterLix is the first ever smart application created to help you implement lifestyle changes supporting liver health.

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