Liver Health Plan

Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body, everything you eat, drink, and breathe goes through our liver, therefore taking care of your liver health is a process that naturally encapsulates all aspects of our lives.

Backed by science, BetterLix provides liver-healthy schedules that fall into various categories ranging from household tips to workplace habits with easy tasks to help you live your day in a liver healthy way.

Made to be your companion for your liver health journey, BetterLix encourages you daily to learn about new ways to keep your liver healthy, plan and prepare for a new day, and steer you through tasks that will in the end make your liver love you!

Let’s take a closer look at the various ways BetterLix can change your daily life for the better:

Food and Nutrition: Physicians and researchers agree that the first stop to a healthy liver starts with a proper nutrition plan and BetterLix has got you covered. We have tips that will help you not only cook healthy meals, but also help you develop healthy eating habits.

Recipes: Since food is our main form of energy, we should be focusing on making healthy, nutritious meal choices, but we understand that not everyone is a gifted chef, so we have come up with quick, easy recipes that are not only tasty but also liver healthy.

Light Exercise: We all know the benefits of exercise, but we also know how difficult it is to incorporate an exercise regime in your daily life. BetterLix is here to help!

Sleep Hygiene: Sleep is important, but maintaining impeccable sleep hygiene to get the rest you deserve is imperative. Our app has tips and tasks that can easily help you upgrade your sleep and life quality.

Workplace Tasks: An average American spends 50 hours of their week at work, so shouldn’t we make the experience better? BetterLix is here to help you find ways to make your workplace more liver healthy.

Household Tips & Fixes: Yes, DIY household hacks are everywhere, but how many of them are healthy? Or even easy? At BetterLix, we promise you our household tips and fixes are designed to help you live a liver-healthy life, and not just upgrade a lampshade because it will look better (and no none of our DIY tasks require a power drill!)

Self-Check Tasks: Checking in with one’s own self from time to time is a practise that helps you stay in the present and mentally take stalk of your body, emotions, and surroundings. BetterLix has developed specific ways for you to do just that, after all a stress-free life is a liver-healthy life.

Hydration Tasks: Water you doing? Do you also need daily reminders like these to keep up your water intake? We got you covered.

All this and more! Our holistic approach to liver health includes a lot more than just the few ways listed above. We are here to help you heal your liver, body, and soul.