The Science behind BetterLix

Liver Health is becoming a significant issue in modern medicine. A modern lifestyle with less excercise, more unhealthy calories and environmental toxins puts our liver health at risk. The science behind Liver Health is quite recent and the scientific field is extremely active. Over the past decades, scientists have made significant progress in fields like fighting Hepatitis C or developing liver dialysis technologies.
We are working with Scientists at the intersection between lifestyle and liver health. What to eat? How to work out? When to do what? Lots of questions arise when you are paying attention to your Liver Health. In the BetterLix App, you will find lots of references to clinical studies that reflect the latest knowledge – as it is developing. We made this latest science into tasks that help you to structure your day based on research. Our AI module helps to match these tasks with your individual needs. Sounds awesome? That‘s what we thought. Test BetterLix for free and find out what it can do for you. May the science be with you.

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